Digital Manufacturing

Accelerate product development, reduce costs, and optimize your supply chain

We are the world’s fastest digital manufacturing source for rapid prototypes and on-demand production parts. Our automated quoting and manufacturing systems allow us to produce commercial-grade plastic, metal, and liquid silicone rubber parts within days. The result? A manufacturing partner that helps you accelerate speed to market and strategically manage demand volatility across the entire product life cycle.

Friendly Service

Business active in
30+ countries
Customers served

Professional service from a technical sales team who is free to communicate in English and always pay attention to every details of your needs, and interface with you so that there will be no surprise for your good customer experiences.

Competitive Price

30% - 50%
Lower than US/EU prices
Fast response within
24 hours

A dedicated project quoting team who understand material properties, processing technology and engineering testing, and providing cost effective solution, and ongoing support and advice from a designated sales contact.

Great Experience

Parts manufactured
20,000+ per month
Development projects supported
5,000+ so far

We have a team of professional engineers, machinists and skilled craftsman with more than 15 years of experience, which allows us to completely grasp your exact project requirements from prototype to production.

Fast Turnaround

Prototype Model Making
3-9 days
Rapid Injection Molding
2-5 weeks

We are a trusted partner, knowing how to make parts exactly as what specifications the customer’s asked for, and understand the importance of on time delivery. At CreateProto, we say what we do and do what we say.

Excellent Quality

The tightest tolerance
+/-0.001" to +/-0.0002"
(+/-0.025mm to +/-0.005mm)
Post- finishing processes

We have developed an efficient, accurate and cost effective process system to deliver superior results, and are capable of providing one-stop surface finishing operations that will help you meet your most difficult manufacturing challenges.

why createproto

“CreateProto is a tremendous ally because they enable us to develop and iterate at a much higher speed. Sometimes, we use CreateProto as the manufacturer for a given component for the lifetime of the project because they are so great to work with.”

-- David Anderson

Volkswagen Engineer