Low volume manufacturing and end use parts

The manufacture of short series and final pieces with additive manufacturing technologies, vacuum casting or CNC machining, are effective solutions, technically and economically viable with respect to other manufacturing methods.

Low volume manufacturing and end use parts

The manufacture of short series (small batches) is highly recommended if the product should be on the market within a short period of time. Also, when it is a first version of a new idea or concept, or the evolution of a previous version.

The manufacturing of final pieces using additive manufacturing technologies allows to obtain pieces of polyamide (PA 12) without limitations regarding the geometry of the designs and without the need to invest in injection molds.

In both cases, the reduction of time and cost of manufacturing components is an advantage over other traditional manufacturing methods.

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Comprehensive Advanced Manufacturing Services

Here at Createproto, we are on a constant quest to exceed our client’s expectations and this drives our Research and Development department to answer questions that have yet to be asked. Many of our advanced manufacturing methods produce quick turnarounds for custom prototypes. Advanced manufacturing is improving your products or processes with innovative, or cutting edge technology. Many of our manufacturing services work well for low-volume and custom manufacturing applications. Other manufacturing services include consulting with our engineers to fix problems on your assembly line or production floor.

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Our manufacturing services cover a wide variety of applications such as machining that is the preferred method when you need a specific material specification. FDM or Fused Deposition Modeling is the ideal method for complex 3D parts that require high-performance materials for extreme testing. Vac forming or thermoforming is used to produce large and small surfaced plastic parts. Bridge tooling is perfect for complex injection molded parts. Composites and fiber-reinforced parts add strength and durability to your prototype.


Advanced manufacturing systems are being used to produce our low-volume manufacturing services to advance new markets, technology, and new methods for producing existing products.

Additive Manufacturing
Methods include 3D Printing, FDM, Powder-bed Laser Printing Systems, and more.

Advanced Materials
Creation of advanced materials that can serve specific applications. These materials are varied in physical and chemical properties which all for more performance breakthroughs.

Creating products and testing equipment that eliminates or reduces the need for human interaction can speed up and cause less human error than ever before.

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Our advanced manufacturing systems make products that can be characterized as: innovative, flexible, products with complex design, technologically intricate, products that can solve a variety of problems.