CNC Prototype Machining

Find the best fit CNC machining service for your plastic and metal parts, and produce and deliver on-demand.

What is CNC Prototype Machining?

Prototype CNC machining is a subtractive process to create one piece or small batches of a product by eliminating the material from the initial piece. This technique is ideal for companies wanting to launch a sample of a product in the market at a lower expense. We, Createproto, are the leading CNC machining company to offer CNC prototyping.

Manual and CNC Machining with Createproto

Createproto has years of expertise and experience in the CNC machining industry to create complex parts with tight tolerances across various sectors, from Automotive to Medical to Aerospace and Consumer electronics applications. Being a top CNC machining manufacturer,  we offer a wide array of machining services, including CNC milling and turning, 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis CNC machining and EDM.
We focus on using live tooling and lean manufacturing. Our team of machinists is efficient at handling a broad part size range and different material types while stacking up tight tolerance in complex assemblies, allowing less time and material waste in case of machine changeovers more often.

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Why CNC Machining is Preferred for Prototyping Processes?

CNC machining milling and turning, are the ideal process for prototyping due to their precision and high level of accuracy. Thanks to its computerized controls that ensure generating the prototype is just like a replica considering every angle of the product design. Another reason is its speed where CNC machining components are ready in a week. It is different from injection molding which takes a few months to create the product.

Various CNC Prototyping Operations

Being the leading CNC machining part manufacturer, Createproto has different CNC prototype machining operations available.


CNC milling involves a prototype creation using a milling machine by eliminating materials from the initial workpiece with its multipoint cutting tools to cut different shapes and lengths on the workpiece sharply.


CNC turning creates prototypes using a lathe tool ideal for detailed prototype creation. This machine creates cylindrical parts by cutting the materials with a single-point cutting tool and linear features on the prototype exterior and threads and slots on its interior edges.

Multi-axis CNC machining

3, 4, and 5-axis CNC machining are ideal for making complex prototypes. A higher number of axes provide higher tolerances and complicated machining parts.

How does CNC Milling Work?

At Createproto, our CNC milling parts and custom prototypes are produced just within a few days. Our machinists use a multi-axis indexed milling procedure to create components from more high-quality CNC milling metals and top-grade plastics. We deliver higher quantities at competitive charges alongside chromate plating and anodizing.

Our CNC milling service is usually used for:

  • Low-volume production parts

  • Functional prototypes

  • Fixtures and jigs

Advantages of CNC Machining Prototypes

Custom CNC machining is a great choice for making prototypes for your final product design. Here are some amazing advantages of CNC machining production:

1. High precision, accuracy, and tolerances are facilitated with CNC machining for its computerized control

2. Affordable rapid prototyping for small batches of a product or even single product sample

3. A high degree of repeatability and consistency to produce a replica of the specific product exactly you need

4. Material versatility is available with CNC machining, from plastics to the strongest metals to wood and even metal alloys, including aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, copper, and more.

5. The time-saving process to create and modify designs

Get a Customized Quote in 7 Hours or Less

Give us a call or get a customized quote from our Quick Quote tool. Our Createproto machinists will evaluate your product design and get back to you with an estimated price for the machined product just within 7 hours or even less. Usually, we ship machined products in 5 days for small orders and one or two weeks for larger ones.

Precision & Production CNC Machining Materials

We, Createproto, have the expertise in machining materials regularly using these common metals, such as:

  • Copper, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze

  • Nickel Alloys (Inconel 625, 718, Monel K400)

  • Stainless Steel (Precipitation Hardened, Austenitic, Martensitic, Ferritic)

  • Plastic (ABS, Acetal, PC, PMMA, PP, PA, Nylon, Tufnol...)

  • Super Duplex (F53, F55, F61)

  • Carbon Steel (LF2)

  • Titanium

  • Tool Steel (D2, Orvar Supreme)

  •  Alloy Steel (EN19T, EN24T)

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Machining Services

Createproto CNC Milling


Up to 5-axis machining on HAAS UMC 1000
40”x25”x25” rotary table
Manual milling, drilling and tapping available

Createproto CNC Turning


     Rapid feed and live tooling
     Up to 30" diameter by 80" length with 25"  swing
     Up to 24" deep bores with 6" diameter
     Manual turning available

Createproto CNC Routing


96" x 48" x 4" working area
2D and 3D tool paths
Able to stack milled sections to produce large-scale pieces up to 48” tall

We are also able to boast the following:

  • Full Material Certification and Traceability (C of C, 3.1 Certification)
  • ISO 9001:2015 Accreditation
  • Compliance with: H & S, REACH, Conflict Materials, RoHS, WEEE
  • Assembly and Sub Assembly
  • CAD/CAM Facilities
  • Experience in providing PPAP, SAN, FAI

A wide range of calibrated inspection tools, including Pin Gauges, Thread Gauges, Bore Micrometers, Slip Gauges, Height Gauges, Micrometers, and Surface Testing.

Furthermore, we have a comprehensive range of manual tools besides CNC machines, complimenting production due to their amenities to manufacture tooling and fixtures while improving sawing and cutting abilities.

As a top CNC machining company, we offer custom low-volume CNC machining, including turning and CNC milling service for mass production and prototyping, ideal for marketing testing and trail orders. CNC machining is also a great option to manufacture products in low volume for mass production. That’s why more and more companies are now embracing low-volume CNC production to launch products in the market quickly. It also allows room for improvement based on users’ feedback.

Custom low-volume CNC machining is one supplement between prototyping and mass production, it is good purposed for trail order and marketing testing. Manufacturing in low volumes in CNC machining is also one good assessment solution for the coming mass production schedule. Based on this reason, more and more companies decide to use low-volume production because it gets products to the market quicker. At the same time, it also can create more room for improvement on products depending on the feedback of the uses.

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Meeting Every Customer's Needs

At Createproto, we strive to deliver our customers a one-stop shopping experience for every project. Our CNC turning milling is tailored to our client’s demand. With years of experience, our machinists use various materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, Titanium, Brass, Silver, and even complex plastics. Being a top CNC machining parts manufacturer, We are committed to adding value to your product, alongside quality and speed during manufacturing. You can get a comprehensive range of finishing capabilities to casting, wrought machining, and forging as per customer’s needs. Also, we offer high-quality polishing, finishing, and cleaning processes with other special services.

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